Sidewalks And Walkways


Cleanliness and safety

Keeping your sidewalks and walkways clean and maintained not only improve the overall look of your property, but also provide a safe environment when people come to visit. Grime covered sidewalks and walkways are not only unsightly, they can be dangerous. Slimy mold and mildew build up can be very slippery and an accident waiting to happen.

Preventive maintenance

Cleaning your sidewalks and walkways regularly can prevent surfaces from deteriorating prematurely. Depending on the material, it can cost hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars to repair. The Good and Clean professionals have experience with all types of surfaces. Whether you have chewing gum, greasy buildup or just a whole lot of dirt, our team can strip away the bad and leave only the good.

Surfaces we treat

We can clean and treat just about any surface including, stone, concrete, asphalt and brick. Choosing the right method of cleaning a particular surface is critical. Choosing the wrong method can cause irreparable damage to the surface and costly repairs. Take the guesswork out of cleaning your surfaces. Contact the Good and Clean professionals at (704) 618-9114 for a free estimate on cleaning your sidewalks and walkways.