ECO Friendly Products

Soft washing method

In most cases we use a low pressure soft washing cleaning method. Soft washing utilizes solutions that are biodegradable and the lower water pressure means that less water is used. Another benefit of the lower water pressure is that it is less likely to harm aluminum siding or chip paint.

Special cleaning products

Our cleaning solutions and detergents have been expertly chosen for the best results. Like pressure washers, detergents and cleaning solutions are not a one size fits all. Using the wrong solution on the wrong surface has the potential to damage your property. It can also possibly leave harmful residue behind. We know exactly what solutions should be used with every surface.

Safety is a priority

We use only safe ECO friendly cleaning products that will not harm your landscape in the process. Over the years we have spent time researching and trying various products so we know what works best. As an extra measure, we saturate your vegetation before, during and after the cleaning process. That way, we ensure your plantings and home don’t get damaged in the process. Contact us today at 704-618-9114 for a free quote